First, welcome to our Texas Winery Club. My name is Terry Willett. For the last 2.5 years, I have studied the Texas wine industry as much as anyone. My love for wine is a 30 year passion. This will be a journey through the Texas wine industry showcasing the hard work and passion from over 200 Texas wineries. I will personally choose every wine selected for every wine shipment. You will never receive the same wine twice.

Red Road Winery was formed in 2005. Texas Winery Club is associated with Red Road Winery located in Texarkana TX.

You may choose which types of wine you enjoy. We will ship you your choice between red, white, or both, along with sweet, dry, or both.

We cannot ship to the following states: AL, AR, DE, KY, MA, MS, OK, PA, SD, UT

All orders are shipped the following day once you’ve completed your sign up process. Sometimes we are able to ship the same day.

You may cancel at anytime. You may cancel through your online account, or by sending us an email to info@texaswineryclub.com, or by faxing us at (903) 793-6648 with your request. There are no cancellation fees.

Your wine will never be the same. Each shipment will offer a different wine unless otherwise specified.

Each month you will receive an email of your order.

Yes. We have a minimum of 3 bottles to be shipped. You may order unlimited case purchases, but depending on the amount and type of wine it could take up to 2 weeks, which would be a very rare situation.